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Lumberjacks Announce EHL and EHLP Captains

By Neil Ravin - Content Manager, 12/20/20, 9:00AM EST


Schmitt Headlines Leadership Group

WATERVILLE VALLEY, NH -- The Vermont Lumberjacks are pleased to announce the captains for this year's teams that compete out of the Eastern Hockey League (EHL) and the Eastern Hockey League Premier (EHLP).


In the EHL, Coach Mosso and the players have selected Egan Schmitt to wear the 'C' this season. The All-Star forward in his 2nd year with the program and already has 11 points through the first nine games of the season. As for the Assistant Captains, the team has selected Paul Fine-Lease in his first season with the team, and David Reduzzi who ranks as one of the top goaltenders in the league (2nd year in the EHL).

"Here at the Vermont Lumberjacks, our captains are considered part of our staff," said Mosso. "On top of the general duties that come within the game and the locker room, our leaders help the staff make impactful decisions. We hold ourselves to the highest standards and conduct ourselves in a manner to succeed in all aspects of life. They are also responsible for how we as a group present ourselves within our community. I believe Egan, David, and Paul are excellent choices for our leadership as voted by their peers. They will have the added responsibilities of steering our ship during the times of Covid. They possess an extremely good work ethic and understanding of team dynamic. To succeed as a team in the EHL, we will have to put aside personal goals and climb various obstacles together as a unit. This requires long days of preparing film, workouts, and team meetings with their teammates. When things seem like they want to fall apart, these are the guys we can count on to keep everything together."


As for the EHLP,  Coach Lowry and the players have selected a single player apiece to wear a 'C' and an 'A' on their chest. Aaron Damren has earned the honor of 'Captain' once again, as the life-long Lumberjack is currently in his 4th season with the EHLP team. As for the Assistant role, those responsibilities have been given to a fellow '01 in Sam Fath.

"Aaron is a second-year captain for us, and he told me he was very humbled and honored to selected by his teammates once again," said Lowry. "He’s a great young player who gives his all everyday both on and off the ice. Because of his efforts he has been asked to practice with the EHL team every day. He brings his work ethic and experience daily. With so many new players he’s made my job easier in instilling the Lumberjack expectations. If there’s a task to be done, I know that he will make sure it's completed to the expectations of the coaching staff. As for Sam, this is his second year with us, and just like Aaron, he is very humbled to be selected. Sam understands the responsibilities that come with being an Assistant Captain, and also like Aaron, I know Sam will help lead by example. The program and I are lucky to have these young men on our team. They understand our goals and objectives and do a great job executing them. I’m a lucky coach to not only have the team we have this season, but with all the craziness this year has brought, to have these 2 guys help us navigate the way."