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Tedy Marshall #11 & Cam Rivard #47

By Webmaster, 09/24/14, 7:45PM EDT


# 11 Teddy Marshall – EHL
In many ways this past weekend was a success for the Lumberjacks. Of course after seeing the results you might look at the previous sentence and wonder if Teddy Marshall received his high school diploma. The 5-1 loss to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Knights and the 8-1 loss to Hartford Wolfpack have us with a record of 1-2 and I wouldn’t want it any other way. We learned a lot about ourselves in those two games, moreover, they were things that we needed to learn.
After a long three-week training camp, we were ecstatic for our home opener. The entire team was feeling good and could not wait to hit the ice. Our positive attitudes and strong spirit led us to a 4-2 win over the Monarchs. This past weekend Coach Line addressed us in multiple fashions between the six periods, but in each speech was the word “adversity”.  Adversity stared us in the face in our two games on the road and as a team, we shied away.  
In our first game against the Monarchs we didn’t know what adversity was.  From the drop of the puck we dictated the pace of play, consistently getting pucks deep, only gaining momentum. We were so positive throughout the game both on the bench and on the ice. Nothing could bring us down; we were playing as a team. This was not the case this past weekend.
After the Knights tallied the first goal the dynamics changed. We were playing a different type of game now, one foreign to the Lumberjacks. This adversity is where I saw our success this weekend. As a team we need to understand that we cannot expect to step on the ice and just win a game. In our first game against New Hampshire, hard work and determination came second to our enthusiasm. These two characteristics are vital to our success this season. We learned that we have to want to win, shift after shift, game after game. Without the desire, we will have results similar this weekend’s. With the experience under our belts, we are ready to take the ice this Wednesday.
#47 Cam Rivard- MJHL

We knew that the New Hampshire Monarchs weren’t going to be the same team that we played last weekend. Going down and playing them in their barn after being embarrassed the previous weekend we knew they wanted revenge. That’s why we practiced all week with intensity and tried to focus on the little things to make the big outcome in our favor.
The Monarchs hit the ice with much more bodies and fire then we had seen in the previous weekend. However, we showed our adaptability and were still able to dictate the pace of the play most of the game. The effort was there, we just had a hard time getting into the groove, establishing in zone presence, getting pucks to the net and capitalizing on our chances. The legs were working but the minds weren’t being incorporated. We made some silly mistakes and took some unnecessary penalties, which just put us with a big disadvantage from the start, having to climb up hill the whole way home.
Even though we didn’t come up on top this game we never stopped working, proving to each other and our coaches that we have a promising season ahead of us. We did however, make a statement even though we didn't get the desired outcome and that’s that we will always come ready to play and we are never a team to be overlooked.