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125 Year Old "The Daughters of the American Revolution" Honors the Vermont Lumberjacks Hockey Organization

By Staff, 03/07/17, 7:00PM EST


The Vermont Lumberjacks were honored to receive recognition from The Daughters of the American Revolution for the way in which they honor our Nation's Flag and National Anthem during their hockey games.

The Lumberjacks pride themselves in contributing to the development of young respectful men.  "We spend a lot of time talking to our players about the importance of respect.  When I speak to the boys at the beginning of the season, I tell them that no one will every look down on you for being too respectful.  It's a lost art in today's society and the Lumberjacks are committed to doing their small part in restoring that lost art of respect", commented Stephen Lary, owner of the Vermont Lumberjacks.

"Every season, I receive countless emails from rinks, hotels and in one case this year, a family that interacted with a few players at a rest stop while on a road trip.  The family made the effort to email me and compliment me on how polite the young men of the Vermont Lumberjacks were.  Now, when someone takes the time to research your email address and write you about how respectful the Vermont Lumberjacks players were to them, you know you have some special young men in your program", remarked Mr. Lary.

"It is important that young adults learn to appreciate opportunities they have in front of them. We teach our players to not take for granted the freedoms that come with being an American.  Even having an opportunity to play hockey is a privilege. We have instilled a culture here with the Lumberjacks of respect as well as appreciation for everything around us. Simple things such as standing at attention for the flag, and using terms such as "Yes Sir" or "Thank You", goes a long way to pay respect. We are very proud and honored to be recognized for this award, as it is a reflection that doing the right thing still means something", stated Jim Mosso - Head Coach, Vermont Lumberjacks Elite Team.

"Standing at attention for the National Anthem is something we work on as a team the first practice of the year.  Our organization feels many great people have sacrificed, bled and died for our great country and our flag that hangs in the rafters of each sporting venue.  We teach the players to stand at attention out of respect for all those great service men and women that have earned our freedom as a country.  We are extremely proud to be recognized by such a distinguished organization as The Daughters of the American Revolution", remarked Doc DelCastillo, Head Coach - Vermont Lumberjacks Premier Team.

The Lumberjacks actually spend time during their practice to rehearse standing properly for the playing of the National Anthem. No shuffling of skates, no shifting from side to side, no looking around. Just standing at attention with their helmet under their left arm with complete focus on the American flag.  As far as the Lumberjacks are concerned, showing respect for their country, their flag, their coaches and teammates, the referees, the opposing team, it's all part of the Lumberjacks' program.  No exceptions.

"I was at Ben's first practice with the Lumberjacks. I had not met any of the staff, including Coach Doc DelCastillo, but when he started that first practice by lining the boys up to teach them the appropriate way to stand for the National Anthem, I knew Ben found a good home.  Every time the Lumberjacks take the ice I am proud to have my son be a part of an organization that instills such positive values in our kids.  Therefore, I was honored on behalf of the Peter Foree Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution to present a "Flag Certificate" to the Vermont Lumberjacks organization in appreciation for the respect they show for the Flag of the United States of America.  I am the Regent of the Peter Foree Chapter and recommended the Vermont Lumberjacks to the chapter. The Chapter agreed that they deserved this recognition", remarked Susan Lau - Chapter Regent, Peter Foree Chapter.

The Daughters of the American Revolution is an organization with a deeply rich history while also being truly relevant in today’s world. More than 930,000 women have joined the organization since it was founded close to 125 years ago. They became members to honor their heritage as well as make a difference in their communities across the country and the world.